Cycling the Hudson Valley
Cycling the Hudson Valley

Cycling the Hudson Valley

Between Manhattan and Albany, NY

About Hudson River Valley

Hudson River Valley is one of the most beautiful, historic, and environmentally and culturally rich regions in New York!
Stretching from the tip of Manhattan to the New York State capital Albany, this beautiful region is defined by 150 miles of the blue ribbon waterway – the Hudson River. 

For Native Americans the river was a member of their extended family. Tribes living in this region referred to the Hudson River as Muhheakunnuk – “great waters constantly in motion” or “river that flows two ways” due to its tidal nature.

The river is named after Henry Hudson, an English explorer, who “discovered” the river on his quest to find a shorter route from Europe to Asia.  

History of the Hudson Valley

16 Moments That Shaped Hudson Valley History

My Cycling Adventures Along the Hudson River

I organized my biking tours into 8 stages:

a circular tour of Manhattan and 7 bridge-to-bridge sections that can each be covered in one day. 

The sections go south to north from Manhattan to Albany. 

Just like the river that flows two ways, so did my trips.

I started each tour on the east side of the river (so that I don’t have to pay a bride toll, since I am coming from Long Island) but there is no reason to do it that way.

In addition, I start each tour on the south end of the circle, bike north along the east side of the river, cross the bridge and return south on the west bank to return to my car.

Please click on each section below for more info.

  1. Manhattan Loop
  2. The Bronx – Tappan Zee Bridge – George Washington Bridge – Broadway Bridge – The Bronx 
  3. Tappan Zee Bridge – Bear Mountain Bridge 
  4. Bear Mountain Bridge – Newburgh-Beacon Bridge 
  5. Newburgh-Beacon Bridge  – Walkway Over the Hudson
  6. Walkway Over the Hudson – Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge
  7. Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge – Rip Van Winkle Bridge
  8. ​Rip Van Winkle Bridge – Albany
Hudson River Bridges

“The Hudson Valley isn’t boastful, it isn’t loud. It’s a beautiful hum…”

Few Additional Videos and Links about Hudson Valley

Best things to do in the Hudson Valley, NY

Hudson Valley from Above

Other Trips in the Hudson Valley

  • Celebrate Trails Day, April 24, 2021

 My to See and to Do List in the Hudson Valley

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